Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm sorry I have been MIA lately, I actually made a video for you but after trying twice to upload it (it took two days to upload each time) and it not working, I am trying to find another way to share it.  I'll get it up soon.  Until then, I think Camille's question in the comments section last week is such a good one I decided to dedicate a post to it.  Here is her question:

"Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the pace of changes? I haven't really established any of these as habits yet. My sink is more often empty than it used to be, but it doesn't shine all the time. And don't get me started on routines! I feel like I need to establish hundreds of routines! Maybe thousands! The one I am trying to set in stone is the "walking in the door" routine. Putting everything in its place every time I walk in the front door coming home from somewhere. Trash, keys, mail, bags, groceries, everything in its place right away. I have so many more routines to establish though!"

Here's my attempt at an answer, I think first and foremost, life with small children/babies (no matter how many you have) makes strict routines and predictable cleanliness very HARD.  You cannot determine or plan on anything really.  You never know how much sleep you will have, how many messes (some completely time consuming and even impossible to clean up) you will have in a day (or an hour!).  You don't know when your babies will wake up and how long it will take you to really get them to bed.  Life is the opposite of to try and establish and keep your routines is almost impossible.  ALMOST.

This is what I have found.  If I can just keep to the BASIC ROUTINES which are:
Layout clothes the night before (I also shower at night...)
Swish the toilet and wipe down the bathroom when I'm in there
Be up at least 10 mins. before the babes
Don't go to bed until my sink is shiny
Do a load of laundry a day
Take 10-15 to clean/declutter a spot a day

If I can FORCE myself to do this daily or even almost daily, I do see a big difference in how our house flows and in my mood over all.  The point is to NOT get overwhelmed by just do it the best you can each day.  Fly Lady always says, "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family."

The other routines will come but if you can just get these down, it will really make a big difference.

We are at a point in this where (at least for me) it's not new or fun or exciting anymore.  But I am finding that with most of these routines, they have become habit and even when I feel like I literally cannot bend over one more time, I can tell myself, "it will only take you a minute or two" and I do it...and it's done and I feel so much better.

Don't focus on being perfect at this.  Focus on that you do have a shiny sink most of the time and how these little changes are making a difference.  Focus on your accomplishments not on being perfect.  I have to tell myself this all the time.  You are making steps to change bless your family.

What are your thoughts?  I really think that reading the book would help too.  I have reached my limit of what I can copy and paste from the book for you without breaking the copyright.  I hope that what I am sharing is helping and not hurting.  Flylady's book lays it out pretty well...I hope I am not confusing what she has said.

She does have a website with a ton of resources that may be helpful too.  Here's the link.

Also, I have been working on a home management binder that has really helped me.  That is what the video is.  As soon as I can figure out how to upload it, I'll share that with you too.  Until then, I will not be posting as often.  You have the basics...just focus on the basics.

I love you!